Pubblicazioni Scientifiche


  • Donato Di Ludovico, Chiara Capannolo, Giordano d’Aloisio
    The toolkit disaster preparedness for pre-disaster planning
    International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction


  • Jannini, T. B., Rossi, R., Socci, V., Reda, F., Pacitti, F., & Di Lorenzo, G.
    Psychometric and factorial validity of the International Adjustment Disorder Questionnaire (IADQ) in an Italian sample: A validation and prevalence estimate study
    Clinical psychology & psychotherapy, 30(2), 436–445


  • Rossi, R., Socci, V., Jannini, T. B., D’Aurizio, G., Mensi, S., Pacitti, F., Rossi, A., & Di Lorenzo, G.
    Changes in mental health outcomes in the general population 14 months into the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy
    Journal of affective disorders, 325, 35–40


  • Jessica Leone, Luca Traini
    Enhancing Trace Visualizations for Microservices Performance Analysis
    6° Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing Performance


  • Luca Traini, Vittorio Cortellessa
    DeLag: Using Multi-Objective Optimization to Enhance the Detection of Latency Degradation Patterns in Service-Based Systems
    IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering


  • Mario Alfonso Prado-Romero, Bardh Prenkaj, Giovanni Stilo
    Developing and Evaluating Graph Counterfactual Explanation with GRETEL 
    Proceedings of the Sixteenth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining.


  • Mario Alfonso Prado-Romero, Giovanni Stilo
    Gretel: Graph counterfactual explanation evaluation framework
    ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management.


  • D. Bacciu, F. Errica, A. Gravina, L. Madeddu, M. Podda, Giovanni Stilo 
    Deep Graph Networks for Drug Repurposing with Multi-Protein Targets 
    IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing.


  • Giordano D’Aloisio, Andrea D’Angelo, Antinisca Di Marco, Giovanni Stilo
    Debiaser for Multiple Variables to enhance fairness in classification tasks
    Information Processing & Management, Volume 60, Issue 2.



  • Chiara Capannolo, Donato Di Ludovico
    Il toolkit per la preparazione ai disastri del Progetto Territori Aperti
    Urbanistica Informazioni, n. 306, Preprint

    [PDF] (29 download)
  • Chiara Capannolo, Donato Di Ludovico, Federico Eugeni
    Il sistema dei servizi per la sanità territoriale in aree fragili e marginalizzate
    Urbanistica Informazioni, n. 305, Preprint

    [PDF] (29 download)
  • Fabrizio Colantoni, Maria Gabriela Ladu, Tania Masi
    The economic impact of earthquakes: some evidence from Italian provinces.

    [PDF] (77 download)
  • Andrea Bianchi, Giordano D’Aloisio, Antinisca Di Marco, Giovanni Stilo
    Enabling Trustworthy Predictions using AI, ML and Multi-Modal Data
    1st Conference on System and Service Quality – QuallTA 2022, Milan, Italy, Novembre 2022

    [PDF] (80 download)
  • Luca Traini, Vittorio Cortellessa, Daniele Di Pompeo, Michele Tucci
    Towards effective assessment of steady state performance in Java Software: are we there yet?


  • Andrea Bianchi, Giordano D’Aloisio, Andrea D’Angelo, Antinisca Di Marco, Alessandro Di Matteo, Jessica Leone, Giulia Scoccia, Giovanni Stilo, Luca Traini
    DIORAMA: Digital twIn fOR sustAinable territorial MAnagement
    1st Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science, Milan, Italy, September  2022 – (Preprint)

    [PDF] (141 download)
  • Giordano D’Aloisio, Antinisca Di Marco, Giovanni Stilo
    Modeling Quality and Machine Learning Pipelines through Extended Feature Models
    ArXiv preprint

    [PDF] (100 download)
  • Lorenzo Madeddu, Giovanni Stilo
    Deep Learning Methods for Network Biology
    Deep Learning in Biology and Medicine, pp. 197-246 (2022)

    [PDF] (130 download)
  • Giordano D’Aloisio, Antinisca Di Marco, Giovanni Stilo, Donato Di Ludovico
    Indices for Enhancing City Sustainability
    Abstract – 8th Italian Conference on ICT for Smart Cities And Communities (I-Cities), 14-16 September, 2022, Ascoli Piceno, Italy.

    [PDF] (121 download)
  • Giordano D’Aloisio
    Quality Driven Machine Learning-based Data Science Pipeline Realization: a software engineerign approach
    44th International Conference on Software Engineering Doctoral Symposium, online


  • Giordano D’Aloisio, Andrea D’Angelo, Antinisca Di Marco, Giovanni Stilo
    Enhancing Fairness in Classification tasks with multiple variables: a Data- and Model-Agnostic approach
    Third Internation Workshop on Algorithmic Bias in Search and Recommendation (Bias 2022), Stavengen, Norway (preprint).

    [PDF] (157 download)
  • Roberto Basile, Luisa Giallonardo, Lelio Iapadre, Maria Gabriela Ladu, Riccardo Persio
    The local labor market effects of earthquakes: evidence from a Difference-in-Difference approach with multiple time periods and multiple group

    [PDF] (137 download)
  • Stefano Greco
    Comunità resilienti: il progetto Territori Aperti
    Il CeRVEnE, Volume 16, Gennaio 2022, Anno 5

    [PDF] (146 download)


  • Ghulam Mudassir, Evans Etrue Howard, Lorenza Pasquini, Claudio Arbib, Eliseo Clementini, Antinisca Di Marco, Giovanni Stilo
    Toward Effective Response to Natural Disasters: A Data Science Approach
    IEEE Access, Volume 9


  • Luca Traini
    Exploring performance assurance practices and challenges in agile software development: An ethnographic study.
    Empirical Software Engineering

    [PDF] (110 download)
  • Giorgia Di Tommaso, Mauro Gatti, Michela Iannotta, Ajay Mehra, Giovanni Stilo, Paola Velardi
    Gender, rank, and social networks on an enterprise social media platform.
    Social Networks, Volume 62, 2020. 


  • Ghulam Mudassir, Antinisca Di Marco, Lorenza Pasquini
    City Reconstruction Planner with Social Perspective
    7th Italian Conference on ICT for Smart Cities And Communities

    [PDF] (174 download)

  • Evans Etrue Howard, Antinisca Di Marco, Claudio Arbib
    Towards an Emergency Evacuation Planning Service
    7th Italian Conference on ICT for Smart Cities And Communities

    [PDF] (140 download)

  • Antinisca Di Marco, Giordano d’Aloisio, Damiano D’Agostino, Giovanni Stilo, Francesca Caroccia
    SismaDL: an ontology to represent post-disaster regulation
    12th Workshop on Information Logistics and Digital Transformation

    [PDF] (161 download)

  • C. Di Stefano, L. Iapadre e I. Salvati
    Trade and infrastructure in the Belt and Road Initiative: a gravity analysis based on revealed trade preferences
    Journal of Risk and Financial Management, Special Issue: International Trade
    Theory and Policy

    [PDF] (170 download)
  • Ghulam Mudassir, Antinisca Di Marco
    Social-based City Reconstruction Planning in case of natural disasters: a Reinforcement Learning Approach
    COMPSAC 2021 (IEEE): Intelligent and Resilient Computing for a Collaborative World 45th Anniversary Conference

  • Rodolfo Rossi,  Valentina Socci,  Dalila Talevi,  Cinzia Niolu,  Francesca Pacitti,  Antinisca Di Marco,  Alessandro Rossi, Alberto Siracusano,  Giorgio Di Lorenzo,  Miranda Olff
    Trauma-spectrum symptoms among the Italian general population in the time of the COVID-19 outbreak
    European Journal of Psychotraumatology

    [PDF] (278 download)
  • Evans Etrue Howard, Lorenza Pasquini, Claudio Arbib, Antinisca Di Marco e Eliseo Clementini
    Definition of an enriched GIS network for evacuation planning
    7th International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management.
    Best paper award candidate. 

    [PDF] (361 download)


  • Ghulam Mudassir
    Social-based Physical Reconstruction Planning in case of natural disaster: a Machine Learning Approach
    The Fourteenth International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science


  • Rodolfo Rossi, Valentina Socci, Dalila Talevi, Sonia Mensi, Cinzia Niolu, Francesca Pacitti, Antinisca Di Marco, Alessandro Rossi, Alberto Siracusano, Giorgio Di Lorenzo
    COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures impact on mental health among the general population in Italy. An N=18147 web-based survey.
    Frontiers in Psychiatry


  • Rodolfo Rossi, Valentina Socci, Francesca Pacitti, Giorgio Di Lorenzo, Antinisca Di Marco, Alberto Siracusano, Alessandro Rossi
    Mental Health Outcomes Among Frontline and Second-Line Health Care Workers During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic in Italy
    Jama Network Open

    [PDF] (246 download)

  • Rodolfo Rossi, Valentina Socci, Francesca Pacitti, Sonia Mensi, Antinisca Di Marco, Alberto Siracusano, Giorgio Di Lorenzo

    Mental Health Outcomes Among Healthcare Workers and the General Population During the COVID-19 in Italy

    Frontiers in Psychology

    [PDF] (210 download)
  • D. Di Ludovico
    Trasformazioni territoriali in aree fragili in tempo di Sars-Cov2: prime riflessioni.
    Urbanpromo 2020. Planum Publisher. Roma-Milano

    [PDF] (219 download)
  • D. Di Ludovico, C. Capannolo (in c.s.) 
    Progetti di sviluppo e nuovi modelli di aggregazione nelle geografie delle Aree Fragili.
    XII giornata di studi INU. Urbanistica Informazioni.
    [PDF] (196 download)

  • D. Di Ludovico (in c.s.)
    Le fragilità nelle geografie regionali: le aree interne e la montagna.
    III° Forum internazionale del Gran Sasso. 

  • L. Di Lodovico, D. Di Ludovico, F. Eugeni, M. Basi, F. Romano (in c.s.)
    “Smart Land” della Regione Abruzzo: da aree di crisi ad aree di sviluppo.
    XL Conferenza Italiana di Scienze Regionali


  • D. Di Ludovico, L. Di Lodovico, S. Belmaggio, M. Basi, M. Dolce, E. Speranza (in c.s.)
    La Piattaforma SICURO+, strumento di conoscenza dei rischi e base per la pianificazione multi-livello di Protezione Civile.
    Abstract accettato al Convegno scientifico “La prevenzione dei rischi per lo sviluppo sostenibile: opportunità o utopia?”, Università della Calabria.

  • L. Madeddu, G. Stilo, P. Velardi
    Predicting Disease Genes for Complex Diseases using Random

    SAC ’20, March 30-April 3, 2020, Brno, Czech Republic

    [PDF] (238 download)

  • L. Madeddu, G. Stilo, P. Velardi
    A Feature-Learning based method for the disease-gene
    prediction problem

    Int. J. Data Mining and Bioinformatics, Vol. x, No. x, 1–22

    [PDF] (216 download)


  • Di Ludovico, D.
    La pianificazione integrata per la gestione dei rischi
    Atti del 2° Forum Internazionale del Gran Sasso, ‘La prevenzione, via per un nuovo sviluppo’, 20-22 Giugno 2019. Diocesi di Teramo-Atri Editrice. Teramo.

    [PDF] (401 download)

  • Di Ludovico, D., Di Lodovico, L., Basi, M. (2019)
    Prevenzione e mitigazione dei rischi territoriali. Conoscenze e orientamenti per la protezione civile della Regione Abruzzo
    in: Francini M., Palermo A., Viapiana M. F., Atti del convegno “Il piano di emergenza nell’uso e nella gestione del territorio”, Università della Calabria, 22-23 novembre 2019, Franco Angeli editore, Milano.

    [PDF] (217 download)

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